Vestan Construction


VESTAN Construction Commerce and Industry Joint Stock Company considers customer satisfaction and work safety and security to be its major business principles and aspires to become one of the leading companies of the sector both on national and international platforms. VESTAN embraces a customer satisfaction oriented quality policy that demands keeping up with latest technologies, a strong and dynamic staff structure and timely delivery that meets customer requirements as well as prevalent standards. Hence, with high-performing capabilities and non-stop renovation policies the company ensures a top quality management system that leads to competitiveness, high quality delivery and efficiency. This is the principle behind the company’s commitment to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health And Safety Assessment Systems) standards; ensuring work safety and security, holding on to environmental principles and related legislation.


VESTAN provides services to many State institutions in various areas of infrastructure contruction. Some of VESTAN’s infrastructure expertise areas include the construction of embankment and concrete dams, hydroelectric, thermal and geothermal plants, artificial ponds and large water structures, regulators, rainwater dykes, river rehabilitation, embankment and filling projects, irrigation and drainage facilities, potable water facilities, water, derivation and power tunnels and galleries, clean water treatment, distillation and/or discharge facilities. In addition, VESTAN also has expertise in construction of various types of roads, state expressways and highways, bridges, viaducts and aquaducts, underground/overhead passanger crossings and junctures, as well as railroad and road tunnels


VESTAN has has vast expertise and experience in various superstructure construction projects. VESTAN’s various completed or ongoing projects include the construction of specialized hospitals, various ministry and administrative buildings, university campuses and campus buildings, various art, culture and convention centers, museums, galleries and libraries, shopping malls (with theaters, cinemas, art galleries, food courts and hypermarkets). In addition to these, VESTAN has also completed the construction of harbors, ports and breakwaters, shipyards and/or dockyards and pools, Oil and Gas Pipelines, urban natural gas networks, geothermal water and/or chemical pipelines, geothermal water distribution networks, as well as regulator and pump stations.