Owner : Special Provincial Administration of Mardin, Directorate of Plans, Projects, Investments and Construction
Name of Project : Construction of Atatürk Culture Center and Department of Fine Arts
Location : Mardin/Turkey
Total Area : 15.000m2
Contract Date : 10.03.2006
Completion Date : 09.03.2009
Scope of Work : Reinforced concrete, carcass+steel construction with cut-stone coating
Capacity : 960 people

Mardin Atatürk Kültür Merkezi is the largest culture center of the Southeastern Anatolian Region and the 5th in Turkey. Center was designed to reflect Mardin’s architectural traits. Center aims to provide avenue for cultural activities in the region as well as promote and encourage such activities.

• Building construction, establishment of mechanical and electrical infrastructures, decoration,
infrastructure, and landscaping
• Reinforced concrete techology employed includes use of conventional molds and BS 20 and
BS 25 ready mixed concrete
• Floors: travertine, marble and granite tiles
• Ceiling: Drop ceiling – plaster, stonewool and perforated aluminum
• Coating: Mardin (Midyat) cut-stone coating
• Steel dome and stained glass above central hall
• Decoration, refurbishment, acoustic coating, installation of lighting and audio-visual infrastructure,IT and conference interpreting systems for two conference halls (total capacity: 1000 people)
• Tansformer and UPS installation, assembly of CCTV, public announcement and music sys tems, installation of fire alarms and Network
• 3 lifts (Class A, 3 and 4 stops, 320kg load capacity)
• Environmental design including parking lot, landscape design and related infrastructure