Basics of business for VESTAN include a quality policy that stems from continuous development, advancement and a customer-oriented approach. VESTAN believes that quality demand a holistic approach, access to technological advancements and a professional staff; and that this the way that leads to customer satisfaction as well as full compliance with tangible criteria and standards.



VIn this regard, with the support of an executive team that is experienced and full of dynamism, and backed by financial strength, VESTAN aims for the timely delivery of contracts and meeting customer requirements. With high-performing capabilities and non-stop renovation policies, VESTAN ensures a top quality management system that aims for competitiveness, sustainability, and growth.



• Productivity,
• Trustworthiness and openness,
• Environment-friendly conduct,
• Cascade continuous development to suppliers and contractors,
• Quality-focused and sustainable development approach,
• Valued staff,
• Ensure HSSE and customer satisfaction,
• Use of latest technologies,
• Develop and pursue strong financial policies,
• Work safety and security,
• Timely delivery,
• Compliance with ruling standards,
• Socially-responsible work ethics.