Owner : Muradiye Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. (Muradiye Electrical Power Generation Inc.)
Name of Project : Muradiye Ayrancılar HE Plant
Location : Van/Turkey
Total Installed Power : 43.10MW
Contract Date : 17.11.2007
Completion Date : 30.11.2010
Scope of Project : Construction of regulator, water intake structure, transmission pipes, tunels,
impounding reservoir, penstocks, power house and switchyard

Project Details and Related Works:
• Location
Muradiye HE plant project is carried out in the Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey; in the Muradiye District
of Van Province. The plant is located in 5km north of Muradiye, on the Bendimahi stream. Map coordinates
(Map of Doğubayazıt, lots J51-d3 and J51-c4) of the project are 3 88 000 – 4 02 000 and 43 18 000 – 43 31 000.
• Proposed Facilities
Power generation project has two stages. First stage includes the regulation of water at the Ayrancılar
Regulator which is to be constructed on Bendimahi stream at a foundation elevation of 2007m. Regulated
waters will then be transmitted via the 12.800m-long transmission pipe to the impounding reservoir with a water elevation of 2005.30m. From the impounding reservoir, waters will be sent to
Muradiye HE Plant-1 (1820m tailwater elevation) through penstocks (L: 995m). Water output from the
Plant tailwater will pass through Muradiye falls and will be re-regulated at the Waterfall regulator at a
foundation elevation of 1790m. A transmission pipe (L: 5105m) will take this output to the impounding
reservoir (water elevation 1792.30m). Waters will be sent to Muradiye HE Plant-2 (1710m tailwater
elevation) via 325m-long penstocks. Total energy HE Plant-1 will be linked to Muradiye HE Plant-2
output via a 5km-long 33kV 795 MCM Power Transmission Line. Then, total power from both plants
will be linked to the TEDAŞ (Turkish Electric Power Distribution Inc.) Power Distribution Station via a
33kV 795 MCM power transmission line.

Project technical data are as follows:

• Ayrancilar Regulator And Water Intake Structure
Type : Full Dam (no gates)
Unit : 2
Rise from Talveg : 5.00m
Rise from Foundation : 12.00m
Amount of Water Derived : 242.62hm3
Overflow Rate (Q100) : 224.00m3/s
Designed Flow Rate for Water Intake Structure : 17.00m3/s
Length of Dam : 40.00m

• Sedimentation Pool
Unit : 2
Location : Left bank
Sedimentation Pool (Type) : Rectangular section with 2 sections
Sedimanetation Pool (Length) : 50.00m
Sedimentation Pool (Height) : 4.80~5.30m
Sedimentation Pool (Width) : 16.00m (net width)


• Transmission Canal
Type : Rectangular box section
Location : Left bank
Bottom Width : 4.50m
Height : 2.50m
Water Depth : 2.20m
Designed Canal Flowrate : 17.00m3/s
Canal Length : 10.295.00m

• Transmission Tunnel
Type : Annular section tunnel (horseshoe type during excavation)
Location : Left bank
Tunnel Diameter : Ø4.00m
Water Depth : 3.05m
Tunnel Concrete Thickness : 0.50m
Designed Flowrate for Tunnel : 19.00m3/s
Tunnel Length : 8.610.00m

• Impounding Reservoir
Unit : 2
Volume : 3000m3
Width : 15.00m
Length : 30.00m
Height : 11.00m

• Penstock
Penstock Diameter : Ø2500mm
Penstock Thickness : 18 – 24mm
Penstock Length : 1.320.00m
Annexes : 3 (three)
Annex Diameter : Ø1450mm
Annex Thickness : 20mm

• Muradiye He Plant-1 Powerhouse
Unit : 2
Type : Above ground
Dimensions : 47.00 x 17.30m
Height : 25.30m
Total Installed Power : 27.28MW

• Power Generation
Power Generation (Firm) : 75.65 GWh/yr
Power Generation (Secondary) : 90.22 GWh/yr
Power Generation (Total) : 165.87 GWh/yr

• Turbines
Unit : 6 (six)
Type : Horizontal axis Francis turbines
Normal Power : 9.09 MW (Total: 27.28MW)
Designed Flowrate : 5.67m3/s (Top: 17.00m3/s)
Gross Drop : 192.00m
Designed Gross Drop : 181.28m
Synchronization Rate : 1000rpm
Yield : 0.93

Unit : 6 (six)
Type : Horizontal axis synchronized UPS
Operation : Continuous
Normal Power : 10500kVA
Voltage : 6.3kV
Power factor : 0.85 (inductive)
Frequency : 50 Hz
Rpm Rate : 1000 rpm
Drive : Direct coupling with Francis turbine
Warning : Rotary diode –brushless
Short Circuit Ratio : > 0.75
Insulation Type : F
Yield : 0.98