Owner : State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) of Republic of Turkey, 17th Regional Directorate
Name of Project : Muş Karasu Riverbed Rehabilitation
Location: Van/Turkey
Total Length of Canals: 8.500mt
Contract date: 28.12.2007
Completion Date : 31.12.2010
Scope of Work : 8.500mt riverbed regulation and construction of 1 concrete bridge

The 119km Karasu river crosses the Muş Plain. There are many meanders along the course of this river and there are many ongoing riverbed rehabilitation projects along the stream. The underlying reason behind these projects is to prevent overflows and resulting life risk and damages to property. Moreover, lack of a drainage infrastructure in Muş Plain ( Turkey’s third larges plain) causes overflows and formation of ponds that ruin fields. As result of this phenomenon, farmers have to saw later in the season; consequently the crops can not benefit from rains to the fullest and this deteriorates the overall yield. In this regard, Karasu Riverbed Rehabilitation Project will provide the required infra- structure for the area and trigger other agricultural and livestock projects; paving the way for future planning and projects. In this sense, this project is considred to be the engine of provincial develop- ment. Muş Plain extends over some 100.000ha. Within the framework of studies realized by the DSİ, a 78.000ha area can be irrigated. With the implementation of this project the actual total length of this river (119km) will be reduced to 64km. As a result of this downsizing an additional 3000ha will be created for agricultural activities. Vestan Construction Co. undertakes the rehabilitation of an 8500m portion of the Karasu River.