Owner : Ministry of Public Works and Settlement of Republic of Turkey
Name of Project : Sakarya City Hall
Location : Sakarya (Adapazarı)/Turkey
Total Area : 42.656m2
Contract Date : 04.07.2003
Completion Date : 31.07.2007
Scope of Project : Concrete Carcass

Sakarya (Adapazarı) is a province that is being restored following the earthquake on 17.08.1999. In this regard, the establishment of a new provincial area in Camili region was decreed for the relocation of province’s public offices. Hence, the project was designed to house the Governor’s Office and other administrative, financial and judicial offices in the same premises. Considering the limitations of working in an earthquake zone, the project was carried out in a way to create an Administrative Campus where offices are located around a courtyard, keeping the number of building floors to a minimum. Inside the 9000m2 courtyard, each office as provided with a separate entrance area tailored to meet the needs of each respective office. Yet, offices are interlinked inside the premises.


• Building construction, establishment of mechanical and electrical infrastructures,
decortion, installations and landscaping
• Conventional mold and pre-mixed BS 20 and BS 25 concrete technologies
• Floors: Travertine, marble and granite tiles
• Ceiling: Drop ceiling – plaster, stonewool and perforated aluminum
• Exterior Coating: Mechanical type travertine coating with plaster finish and paint
• Steel construction roof
• Refurbishment of courtrooms at the Hall of Justice
• Tranformer, UPS installation, assembly of CCTV, public announcement and music systems,
installation of fire alarms and Network
• 24 elevators (Class A with 5 and 6 stops, 680kg load capacity)
• Construction of a parking lot for 420 vehicles including related infrastructure,
environmental design and landscaping