Owner of Project : State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) of Republic of Turkey, 17th Regional Directorate
Name of Project : Sarımehmet Dam Spillway Renovation
Location : Van/Turkey
Type of Dam Filling : Clay-sand and gravel
Scope of Project : Irrigation
Rise (from Talveg) : 62.00m
Crate Length : 204.47m
Filling Volume : 1.15hm3
Dam Volume : 1150 hm3
Irrigation Area : 17.700ha
Contract Date : 31.12.1993
Completion Date : 08.06.1999

Sarımehmet Dam is located on the Karasu River in Van. As a part of the overall Sarımehmet Dam Renovation Project excavation and filling work were carried out to include stoppage of leaks on the left wall of spillway discharge canal. Within the scope of work carried out against leaks, the discharge canal was concrete-coated and injections were carried out towards the ridge along the spillway threshold.